Transmitter Retrofit Kit

Transmitter Retrofit Kit

The Model 1265 provides easy Synchro Transmitter retrofit to voltage regulators (shown with the recommended 1269 synchro transmitter cable).

Product Information
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  • Applications

    • Many Load Tap Changers and Voltage Regulators are not factory equipped with Selsyn® synchro transmitters. This problem can be easily solved with the INCON model 1265 Transmitter Retrofit Kit.
    • For those applications where there is no easy way to retrofit a transmitter to the LTC drive mechanism, INCON offers the Model 1265 Transmitter Retrofit Kit.
    • The 1265 retrofit kit replaces the glass lens on the local indicator dial.
    • The 1265 is designed for use with the INCON model 1250B Programmable Position Monitor, which displays the LTC position and can transmit a proportional analog signal to remote locations via SCADA.
    • The Kit comes complete with a Synchro, mounted on a clear Lexan Dial and a two-pronged engagement arm that tracks the position of the Dial Indicator needle.
    • The Kit also includes the mating connector pieces, to facilitate assembly of a field wiring cable, although it is recommended that the factory-assembled cable be used.


    • Several remote 1250B monitors may be driven from the same 1265 transmitter.
    • A remote 1250-LTC or 1250B monitor can be up to 1200 feet away when wired with a 16 gauge cable run
    • Fully sealed, weatherproof construction
    • Retrofit any existing Load Tap Changer or Voltage Regulator in the field


    • Provides accurate Tap Position Status in remote locations
    • Easy to install
    • Proven Reliability – many in Utility & Industrial operations for over 20 years
    • Does not interfere with mechanical draghand operation
    • Highly reliable and accurate (1292) synchro transmitter is included


    • Saves manual reporting time and money
    • Maintenance Free
    • Can be retrofited to older LTC’s without existing synchros
  • Ordering Information

    Model 1265-DIA Retrofit Kit
    Specify Dial Face Diameter:DIA = 5.75, 6.25, 7.19, 7.62 or 8.00 inches
    Model 1269-L Interface Cable
    Select Interface Cable Length:1269-10 10 foot (3 m) Interface Cable
    1269-20 20 foot (6.1 m) Interface Cable
    1269-50 50 foot (15.2 m) Interface Cable


    Power Input:115 Volts AC
    Output Signal:0 to 90 VAC
    Isolation:900 Volts, Rotor to Stators
    Temperature range:-40 to 158 °F (-40 to 70 °C)
    92% humidity (non-condensing)
    Display type:Clear, Lexan dial face
    Diameters available:5.75, 6.25, 7.19, 7.62 or 8.00 inches
    (14.6, 15.8, 18.2, 19.3, 20.3 cm)
    Call for custom sizes
    Depth to front surface
    – with cable off
    4.0 inches (10.2 cm)
    • Note: The 1265 does NOT include lightening / surge protection. If needed, MOV protection should be installed in a nearby junction box.