Cellguard System-Gen-3 Architecture

Features And Benefits

  • Accurate indication of battery state of health
  • Monitors and analyzes battery voltage, temperature, and conductance
  • Detects specific battery deterioration and battery string failures
  • Provides detailed battery health status reports
  • Eliminates cost consuming maintenance programs
  • Provides local application access, real-time testing control & immediate battery health information
  • Battery state of health indicators are reported to a remote server with one way outgoing email, non-compromising security of local area network
  • Lowers cost of ownership from installation to product life cycle
  • Wireless sensors reduce time and cost of installation and maintenance
  • Eliminates the need for dedicated computers to monitor each battery cabinet


How Cellguard-GEN-3 Works

Base Coordinator Unit (BCU)

  • Manages battery sensor test activities
  • BCU monitors up to 10 strings, with 2400 total batteries, and supports up to 240 batteries per string
  • Captures battery voltage, temperature and conductance
  • Powered by the battery string voltage converter via batter string power


Single Sensor Module

  • Battery level monitoring module includes Conductance, Voltage, and Temperature for each mono-block/cell /jar
  • Sensors are compatible with VRLA and VLA batteries
  • Test circuitry utilizes patented Conductance technology to provide the most accurate, efficient, and non-invasive method possible for monitoring a battery’s state of health
  • Designed to work within telecommunications applications
  • Connects to and is powered from the monitored battery, minimizing wiring, installation costs and maintenance

Visual Battery State of Health

Blinking Green

When the LED indicator is blinking GREEN, this indicates no issues with the battery.

Blinking Yellow

When the LED indicator is blinking Yellow, this is a warning that the battery readings are out of warning limits.

Blinking Red

When the LED indicator is blinking Red, this is an alarm that the battery readings are out of alarm limits. 



CELLTRAQ software is a network based solution that allows quick and easy access to battery system data.  The server that hosts the software can be setup to be accessible from anywhere on your network, or on the web.  Multi-user access control allows you to customize the views and functionality available to each user.  Once connected, users will have access to the most comprehensive battery diagnostic tools available in the industry.

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