Businesses cannot afford an outage

Power systems rely on batteries to provide critical backup energy. Many factors can stress power system integrity, from natural disasters to human error. When power is lost, mission critical backup systems must perform. Without proper surveillance of mission critical system status, there is a risk of catastrophic loss for healthcare organizations, financial organizations, and many other key service providers. Customer satisfaction can be compromised resulting in far reaching financial impact.

Deploying the Cellguard battery monitoring solution ensures your batteries will perform as expected in crucial times when the unexpected happens.

How Cellguard Works

CELLGUARD is comprised of three base hardware components and one software component.  The wireless infrastructure simplifies installation and reliably reports battery state of health to the CELLTRAQ software platform.



CELLTRAQ software is a network based solution that allows quick and easy access to battery system data.  The server that hosts the software can be setup to be accessible from anywhere on your network, or on the web.  Multi-user access control allows you to customize the views and functionality available to each user.  Once connected, users will have access to the most comprehensive battery diagnostic tools available in the industry.

Base Coordinator Unit (BCU)

  • Controls testing activity for all VTC and wireless sensor modules
  • Each BCU can monitor up to 6 strings and/or 960 batteries
  • Collects test data and communicates with CELLTRAQ server via TCP/IP
  • Available Form C contact (Binary/Dry) alarm I/O
  • Available Modbus RS-485 or TCP/IP (optional)
  • Powered by the VTC, eliminating the need for external power source


Sensor Module

  • Battery level monitoring module
  • Measurements include Conductance, Voltage, Temperature, and Strap Resistance (intercell integrity) for each mono-block/cell /jar
  • Captures discharge voltage and temperature during load test or power outage
  • Sensors compatible with 2V, 4V, 6V, 8V, 12V, & 16V batteries
  • Test circuitry utilizes patented Conductance technology to provide the most accurate, efficient, and non-invasive method possible for monitoring a battery’s state of health
  • Designed to work within telecommunications, power utility, UPS environments and other reserve power applications
  • Connects to and receives power from the battery being monitored, minimizing wiring, installation costs and simplifying maintenance

String Voltage, Temperature, and Current Module (VTC)

  • String level monitoring module
  • Measurements include voltage, current, ripple current, and ambient temperature (2 pilot points)
  • Captures string level discharge current and voltage when batteries are under load
  • Compatible with battery string configurations commonly found in telecommunications, power utility, and UPS applications between 18-480VDC nominal

The VTC is powered by the battery string, eliminating the need for an external power source

Cellguard System Architecture

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