Automate, Centralize

Accessed from a secure, 24/7/365 manned data center, Facilityware employs redundancy and data protection. Accessibility is limited to your designated personnel, restricted by secure login and recorded for future audit needs. Data is backed up every 12 hours on site and every 24 hours off site to guarantee reliability in the event of changes in personnel or natural disasters that would disrupt operational continuity.

Batterynet provides an effective way to centralize critical data from multiple facilities, power systems, battery strings or teams of field technicians. Using the power of the internet and reliable data storage, Batterynet assures data streaming from assets or service teams flows to the right location, ensuring a high level of performance.

Save Time, Save Money: Facilityware

Early detection of inconsistencies saves time and maintenance cost.

  • Analyze data
  • Recognize inconsistencies, faults, and trends
  • Generate reports
  • Automatically compare data collected against industry established benchmarks
  • Provides documentation that can be used for presentations to clientele

High System Performance

Using the power of the internet and the latest in secure data storage, FACILITYWARE streams data from assets or service teams to the right location, ensuring the highest level of system performance.

Analyze, Compare: Batterynet

Battterynet programming provides the ability to:

  • Analyze collected data
  • Recognize inconsistencies, faults and trends
  • Generate reports
  • Automatically compare the data collected against set benchmarks
  • Provide an early warning system that saves time, maintenance cost and embarrassment
  • Work with any brand or model of battery tester

Proven Efficiency

In use for more than a decade with the world’s largest battery service teams, BATTERYNET has proven effective in providing early warning on battery degradation and helps establish battery inventory stocking levels based on unit density and age.

Add Expertise

Batterynet clients can opt for access to the experts at Franklin Electric. With 30 years of experience in the realm of battery diagnostics, Franklin Electric provides the knowledgeable resources needed. The combination of expertise and the visibility and historical data availability provided by Batterynet produces a powerful combination that ensures the reliability of the battery systems under your responsibility.


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