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An X-Ray for your battery

Visibility of key system parameters is needed to ensure reliability. Among those key parameters is backup battery state-of-health. An often forgotten element, the backup battery is a critical component of the standby power system. Without the proper view of its characteristics, the battery can fail without warning. CELLTRAQ collects battery measurements generated by CELLGUARD wireless battery monitoring system or CELLTRON battery analyzers to a central location allowing for:

  • Simplification of the testing & monitoring data collection processes
  • Effective analysis of battery assets by facility personnel
  • Efficient process management, including budget management of scheduled battery replacement

Key Features

  • Server based architecture
  • Centralized data storage, data access and management
  • Review of information & safeguarded historical data
  • Instant indication of battery asset conditions
  • System-derived notification of battery faults in real time
  • Suggested corrective actions for technicians
  • Automated reports delivered via email
  • Corrective action and audit trail record keeping
  • Graphical representation of battery system trends
  • Centralized repository of battery information
  • Displays and produces formatted reports
  • Measurements are captured, recorded and time-stamped
  • SNMP Trap Notification 
  • Automated PDF system reports

Additional CELLTRAQ Platforms


Hosted on a secure server, providing effective processing and reporting of battery management data.

This cloud-based web application provides:

  • Professional battery maintenance reports
  • Historical battery maintenance data
  • Alert notifications via email and text messages


  • Simplification of battery measurements collection process
  • All battery data is stored at a centralized location
  • Ability to secure critical battery data without the risk of loss



The primary function of the CELLTRAQ EXPRESS PC application is to read the .csv file generated by CELLTRON ADVANTAGE battery analyzers and display the results on screen. Files can be exported to Excel or converted to a PDF report.

Phone & Tablet Applications

CELLTRAQ is available as iOS and Android phone and tablet applications. The same read and alert functionality contained in the CELLTRAQ SYSTEM is found in the CELLTRAQ phone and tablet applications. CELLTRAQ apps allow users to view their measurement data on-the-go from any global location, along with alert notifications for alarms, warnings, and discharges.

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