Test & Maintain Your Generator Batteries

Generator backup plays an essential role in institutions such as Medical Facilities, Data Centers, Universities, Finance, Communications Offices, Emergency Management and more.  In fact, the role of the Commercial Generator is so essential that the National Fire and Protection Association has implemented monthly maintenance standard NFPA-110 Section for testing Generator Batteries.



Complete NFPA-110 Section Requirements

The 2019 NFPA-110 Standard for Emergency & Standby Power Systems states in Section that the specific gravity of lead-acid batteries be both tested and recorded monthly. 
In addition, NFPA-110 code states that, "Battery CONDUCTANCE testing shall be permitted in lieu of specific gravity testing when applicable or warranted."

Through our correlation studies, we have developed algorithms that correlate conductance to the many different starting battery ratings.  There are optimal test frequencies for stationary batteries that differ from test frequencies that are optimal for an engine start battery. 

The CELLTRON GENSTART uses conductance technology that correlates the battery test output results to the selected engine start battery rating under test, thus executing a conductance test with the battery results matching the selected battery rating set by the user including CCA, EN, SAE, JIS, DIN, and IEC. 

Conductance is our patented core technology that is quick, safe, accurate and an excellent indicator of state of health making the CELLTRON GENSTART a solid choice for maintaining the critical power standard of 24/7/365.


  • Multiple battery types: LEAD ACID, AGM - SPIRAL, AGM – FLAT PLATE
  • Multiple battery rating systems: CCA, EN, SAE, JIS, DIN and IEC
  • Battery pack testing: 12V parallel, 24V series, 24V series/parallel
  • Battery pair testing, verify the charge and conductive balance of a battery pair
  • Large back-lit screen and improved user interface
  • Replaceable cable design
  • Battery and battery pack diagnostic accuracy
  • Quickly identifies generator or diesel starting battery health
  • Identifies potential battery problems before they occur


For more information on the CELLTRON GENSTART contact our regional experts. They will answer any questions and recommend the solution that is right for you.