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In 2003, the northeastern part of the United States experienced a power outage that left eight states without power.
Institutions, like the ones listed below, were not immune!
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Fire Stations
  • Police Stations
  • Financial Institutions
  • College Universities


The need for critical power is essential within institutions that protect everyday life.  One of the best examples of institutions relying on critical power are Healthcare Institutions.

The Healthcare Industry cannot afford to be without power.  Medical devices run on electricity. If the power goes out, emergency backup power systems are relied on to continue to keep critical life-saving equipment running.  Hospitals, healthcare facilities, and even in-home care networks are highly reliant on power.

When blackouts occur, patients, staff, and doctors are affected in various negative ways. 

Section of NFPA-110 calls for the maintenance of lead-acid batteries, including the monthly testing and recording of electrolyte-specific gravity (when applicable or warranted) or battery conductance testing.


Reliability Assured

NFPA 110 ensures a high degree of reliability that the emergency backup power systems will perform as required. While compliance with this code is required for any emergency system, the greatest attention to the NFPA 110 is seen in the healthcare industry. This is being driven, in part, from additional oversight by the Joint Commission, an independent non-profit organization that accredits and certifies more than 20,500 health care organizations and programs in the United States.


  • Loss of water pressure
  • Loss of HVAC systems
  • Inability to sterilize instruments
  • Loss of lighting for necessary surgical procedures
  • Inability to register patients and access electronic patient data
  • Loss of patient signaling system to ask for assistance from medical staff
  • Loss of elevator operation for transporting patients and supplies between floors
  • Loss of respiratory devices and other critical equipment being utilized by patients
  • Inability to access medications and other medical supplies that required keyless entry

Power Assurance

With over 30 years of patented conductance-based technology,  Midtronics offers a multitude of tools to assure compliance with NFPA 110 (and many other such regulations), most notably the CELLTRON GENSTART and the CELLTRON ADVANTAGE battery testers. 

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