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Have you experienced a loss of utility power in the past 24 hours?

Battery installations provide a critical power resource that ensures the continuity of systems, facilities and ultimately, business operations. However, batteries are a complex electrochemical system and a consumable resource/component that is in constant flux. A program designed to measure and manage the battery performance and replacement schedule is an important part of an effective operational plan.

A combination approach that includes state-of-the-art technology (battery monitoring systems, advanced test equipment and specific battery-oriented enterprise data management software), regular technician-based inspections and, most importantly, proven expertise will result in the most effective prevention of downtime due to power interruption.

Your entity can Benefit from a Managed Services approach


The managed services program works in conjunction with battery data management applications like CELLTRAQ and BATTERYNET. These software applications enable automated data analysis and notification of issues while providing electronic data storage for records retention and auditing. All data gathered is loaded into one of these software databases and utilized to improve system reliability. This eliminates the risk of potential downtime.

When automated battery monitoring systems, such as CELLGUARD, are deployed, many of the components utilized in the managed services program will execute autonomously, without involvement by facility personnel. This automation benefit allows for 24/7/365 system integrity.

levels of managed services to meet operational demands

As operational plans change and facilities expand, so must the services relied upon to manage the key infrastructure.  Midtronics Managed Services are offered at 3 different levels to maximize budget requirements alongside battery management and reliability.

comparing common battery maintenance versus a managed services approach

Beyond the significant reduction in risk provided by a Managed Services Approach, this method can also offer substantial savings for Facility Operators. Below is a simple comparison of the standard battery maintenance model commonly in use today versus a more comprehensive Managed Services Approach.

System Details:

Uninterruptible Power Supply
Utilizes 10 cabinets of 40, 12 Volt, 540 Watt batteries
Battery purchase value: $100,000
Expected battery life: 5 years

Additional benefits of a managed services approach


  • 24/7 automated protection against battery failure
  • Improved internal resource efficiency
  • Battery asset use maximization
  • Reduced waste with fewer battery replacements, decreased electrical demand, reduced carbon/environmental impact


The Bottom Line

With a managed services program from Midtronics, you will reduce overall operations costs.  Trust in a Midtronics total solution will result in improved reliability and predictable operation, driving customer satisfaction.

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