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Motive power applications, such as forklifts, electric golf carts, and electric lawnmowers use batteries more closely related to stationary batteries than transportation batteries.

Constant Operation

How are these batteries different than those in motor vehicles? Transportation batteries function as start/stop batteries. The primary discharge occurs when the vehicle is started. After that, it spends the rest of the drive time recharging.

Motive power batteries do not operate in this fashion. Instead of only being used to start the machinery, there is a continual discharge. These batteries are used constantly while in operation. This is similar to other stationary batteries in that they are used until depleted, or until the job is done, and then recharged after use.

Test Your Batteries

Stationary batteries work better for this industry because of the very nature of the industry. This type of equipment tends to be dirtier and have a higher output threshold. Using this type of battery ensures low downtime and increased productivity.

Battery performance has been found to be the number one reason for underperformance in industrial machinery. If not maintained, it may contribute to higher repair and replacement costs, a significant decrease in the machinery’s lifespan, and major safety risks.

Ensure that this does not happen with the use of a handheld battery tester.

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