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The National Renewable Energy Laboratory projects that rooftop solar panels have the potential to generate 40% of the total energy needed in the U.S.

An Energy Boom

Solar energy is enjoying tremendous growth globally. It can be found on giant wind farms and small rooftop installations.


The Challenge 

Sunlight is intermittent. Sometimes more energy is generated than is needed, which goes to waste. Sometimes less energy is generated than is needed, which means you have to rely on grid power.

The Solution

Energy storage. Battery storage systems allow excess energy to be captured during peak sunlight hours and discharged during low/no sunlight hours. The batteries do not generate electricity; they serve as a medium for storage and delivery only.

Monitor Your Solution

Because batteries are the backbone of this solution, maintenance is a must. Knowing their state-of-health is vital for maintaining optimal energy storage and delivery. This can be achieved through battery monitoring systems that constantly measure conductance, voltage, and temperature and filter that data into a software system that will analyze the data.

world-class service

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