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Which one of these batteries will cost you $1,000,000?

Battery installations provide a critical power resource that ensures the continuity of systems, facilities, and business operations. However, batteries are a complex electrochemical system and a consumable resource that is in constant flux. An extended battery infrastructure creates many potential points of failure, and as such, drives a substantial amount of data when properly maintained and managed.

Visibility is key

Visibility to key system parameters is needed to ensure reliability. Among those key parameters is backup battery state-of-health. An often forgotten element, the backup battery is a critical component of the standby power system. Without the proper view of its characteristics, the battery can fail without warning.

Don’t force yourself out of business

Power loss can result in the loss of critical data. Seven out of 10 small businesses that experience a major data loss go out of business within 1 year (DTI/PwC, 2014).  Without proper analysis of your critical battery backup system's state-of -health, you risk compromising the state of your business.

Gain an advantage

Testing your backup batteries regularly with a Celltron Advantage battery analyzer keeps your business running, even when the power goes out. Trend battery data utilizing Celltraq Express software and gain peace of mind, knowing your battery system's state-of-health.

Avoid System Failures

The failure of even one “non-revenue-generating” system can cause widespread, costly repairs.  For example, failed air conditioning can cause thermal shutdown of critical equipment. This equipment stays offline long after the power outage has ended because it can’t be restarted until the temperature returns to an optimal level. This leaves a large portion of your business vulnerable to damage.

Add a level of insurance

For large critical backup systems, assuring protection from power failure becomes a requirement. Constant monitoring of your backup battery system is an essential need that adds insurance that your critical backup system will perform at a moment's notice. Cellguard Wireless Battery Monitoring System ensures that all batteries are functioning at optimal levels in case of a power outage.

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