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Emergency systems must remain connected during an outage

Uptime may never be more important than during an emergency situation. When a storm blows through, emergency personnel, medical facilities, even insurance companies all need to remain available. That makes 100% uptime a requirement. Make sure that when the power goes out your emergency services stay connected.

Make testing a regular part of your backup generator maintenance to ensure continuous power when every second counts.

Businesses cannot afford an outage

Take some time to calculate how much revenue your business brings in on average every minute. For example, it is estimated that Amazon sells $30,000 worth of products every minute of every day. The average outage lasts 86 minutes (Ponemon Institute, 2013). That would mean a loss of $2,580,000 for Amazon, as well as lost revenue for every one of those 86 minutes that you were unable to make a sale, whether in a brick-and-mortar or virtual store. Can your business survive that level of lost revenue?

Make sure your backup battery system is always ready to kick-in and maintain 100% uptime for your business.

The Internet of Things causes a greater dependency on network continuity

There will be an estimated 5 billion “things” in use in 2015 (Gartner, 2014). More customers and more dependency on the network mean a greater need for continuity. If service is compromised, customers will transfer their business to companies with greater uptime capabilities.

Continuous monitoring of backup batteries will ensure continuous service coverage during an outage for your customers and continuous business for your stakeholders.

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