LineIQ monitors overhead network lines up to 138 kV, letting you quickly determine fault location and cause, and quickly restore power even as you prevent future outages.

At the system’s heart is an innovative, self-powered sensor easily installed on energized lines. The sensor enables continuous capture of critical performance data, including:

  • Fault waveform
  • Load profile
  • Power factor
  • Line status and condition
  • Ambient and conductor temperature
  • Time-stamped event recordings
  • Fault direction


As the grid gets smarter, so must the sensors. GridSense provides the only true Line Health Monitor available in the market. Yes, it performs all of the traditional fault current indicator functions, but it also does so much more, putting it in a category by itself.

  • Smart adaptive sensing of events, load, voltage and temperatures
  • Intelligent algorithms to provide highly accurate, configuration-free overhead line fault detection
  • Voltage measurement enables detection of load flow, power factor, and direction of the fault
  • Dynamic rating of lines using ambient and conductor temperature readings
  • Tested in accordance with the IEEE 495-2007 standard for faulted circuit indicators
  • Provides visible (LED) indication of fault conditions