The Model 1511-LTC indicates the position of transformer load tap changers and can be used to perform a number of functions to help improve system operation.

  • Analog output is unaffected by noisy or intermittent input signals
  • Accepts a 0-24 VDC signal from a slidewire (resistive) transmitter
  • Provides regulated 24 VDC slidewire power
  • Mathematically averages 1000 input signal samples to accurately determine the actual input signal value
  • Provides high and low draghand position indication
  • Offers programmable limit outputs for alarm and control (optional)


  • Interfaces LTC position information to SCADA systems
  • Extremely accurate signal conditioner
  • Analog and/or digital output
  • Large five-digit LED display
  • Hard-wired security/ lockout feature
  • Non-volatile storage of program parameters
  • Easy, menu-driven, set up mode through its front panel