Highlights & Technology

Deploy maintenance with intelligence and only as it’s needed, limiting truck rolls, speeding reaction time, and lowering overall maintenance costs - all while reducing on-site exposure. 

Targeted maintenance enables utility technicians to repair a small issue before it causes a substantial failure that may require equipment replacement or an entire overhaul of a high-cost asset.

Along with its array of sensors, the Optimizer3 monitors both the mechanical and electrical performance of the circuit breaker to perform trending analysis that predicts the date of future service.

Performance measurements including opening (trip) and closing times, arc duration, clearing time, and open/close travel times and velocities are automatically analyzed to provide a full assessment of the circuit breaker’s health.

Provides automated SF6 loss data for regulatory reporting

8 sensor inputs, 20V excitation provided

5 timing inputs (trip/close coils, 52a/52b)

Onboard ambient temperature sensor

Onboard supply voltage monitor

Web server user interface – no special software required

Circuit breaker & gas monitor reports in CSV format

USB port for data downloads

Mini-USB port for local communication

Dual RS-485 full duplex ports for DNP3 communication

Ethernet over copper & fiber optic for DNP3, networking & firmware upgrades


  • Support for sensor types including:
    • SF6 compensated pressure - analog / digital
    • SF6 Density - digital / analog
    • AC/DC current & voltage
    • Hydraulic pressure
    • Heater function
    • SF6 dew point
    • Cabinet door
    • Temperature 
    • Air pressure 
  • Ethernet RJ-45 or fiber communication
  • Master & slave RS485 connections
  • DNP 3.0 offers over 1000 points
  • Multi-Level access passwords
  • Secure HTTPS web-server

Additional Features

  • Five Control Signal Inputs
    • 52a, 52b
    • Closecoil
    • Tripcoil1,Tripcoil2
  • Built-In temperature sensor
    • Ambient temp is measured & logged
  • Five powered 4-20 ma sensor inputs
  • AC or DC supply voltage is logged
  • Trip coil identified in logged operation
  • Three dual-mode, powered sensor inputs
    • 4-20 ma or digital
  • Easily configured for IPO or ganged mechanisms
  • Separate reporting of fault & switching operations
  • Connections made to pluggable phoenix connectors
  • Spring/compressor run time is logged, monitored & alarmed